Online Loving

The rules are changed
Face to face or voice to voice
Our humanity has been altered
But we each have a choice
It’s our individual decision
A knight or a troll to be
Treat others as you would yourself
Engage with the online world lovingly
There’s too much hate
Hurled from shielded IP wall
Author’s tiny effect, ego boost
Every victim made to feel small
Isolated, bullied, suppressed
After the crime there’s no case
No police to protect the victim
Give support or give chase
This isn’t right.
We’ve a common ground
Community should gather round
Insist on respect no matter who
Be responsible for what you do
Conduct code when using code
In digital or any other mode


6 thoughts on “Online Loving

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  1. This is a remarkable piece of writing. Those who hate are unhappy. When people are comfortable in life hate doesn’t enter the heart, or mind.A Memorable message by you!

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    1. Thanks for the comment – it’s a big impact to act with love but just a small change in behaviour that we are all capable of. Hate propagates unhappiness and deepens the emptiness of the hater.


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