Fleeting Smile

Gentle smile
Walking through London’s teaming streets
Flashed lashes
Is that what she does to everyone she meets
Intimate moment
Brilliant light blinding against dark commuting plight
Fleeting beauty
The chance of joy on this lonely lonesome night


Where has this feeling come from
Why did that thought appear
We could end this and be happy
Free from each other and fear
Free to seek what we are wanting
Free to find a better match
We might be better starting again
Building anew to start from scratch


A visit to one who’s love comes with condition and at a cost
A reminder of a mother supportive but now lost
A day to get through waters troubled by staying at the surface
Doing what can be done to not let in negative emotions for no purpose

The Selfish One

It’s confusing that you’re never
Going to make the time
To listen to my problems
I’ll take it as a sign
That the care you have is selfish
Aimed at you and you alone
You don’t want strong relations
You can’t build a happy home
You’ve told me I’m not caring
You’ve said I have to raise my game
But if one of us is failing
Then you’re the one to blame
You could have asked me how I’m doing
Could have made more space for me
Instead you started hurling insults
You passed out pain so willingly
Now I’ve seen what you are doing
I can’t rest until we are done
From now our bond is broken
I’m off, away from this selfish one

I’ve Seen this Movie

It’s the first time I’ve seen it
Maybe I’ve felt it forever
She’s just like my ex
We cannot be together
How have I missed the signals
Why couldn’t I see the signs
She’s not what I am after
To her nature I’ve been blind
Don’t think she has an idea
That this pattern’s a pattern
But she heard all I had to say
And knows this will matter
I’ve seen this repeated movie
The end of burning flames
We cannot go on any further
I can’t cope with rerun games

Hand in Hand in Hand

Two simple souls together
Hand in hand in hand
Tentative embraces
Nothing really planned.
Taking time for talking
Describing who they are
Stepping slowly closer
Not knowing quite how far,
Their comfort with each other
Their joy at sharing time
Might lead to growing feelings
To the future they are blind.
With honesty around them
With truth a constant guide
They can be together simply
With nothing they need to hide.
Don’t know if this is always
Don’t have a crystal ball
So make sure each step is steady
Building up, not making small.
Then regrets will never happen
There can’t be a side that’s down
This will create love and beauty
On a base of solid ground


You walk right at me
Trying to prove some thing
Make me crash or adjust
Trying to score a win
You’ve set your look
You think you are mean
You’re ready for a reaction
But I’m not like anyone you’ve ever seen
I’m calmer than you are angry
Out of me, you’ll never get a rise
Your antics can’t provoke me
My inner power is my surprise
I step aside, give you some distance
Here’s the win your ego desired
You can raise your head this morning
While you slowly wither inside.

It’s you I want to shelter

When the rain falls hard
From a dark brooding sky
It’s you I want to shelter
Even now. I don’t know why?
We’ve not been together
We’ve been so far apart
But it’s you in my head
When I feel low in my heart
What we had was an epic
That rolls on beyond its time
You define real belonging
I was yours and you were mine
I huddle in our shadow
And take comfort from the cold
That even though we ended
Our love does not feel old
There beneath my consciousness
It’s wrapped around my soul
So that when I’m losing hope
I feel it renew my life’s goal
Of finding someone as good
Finding someone just as true
Lifting her into my arms
And loving her instead of you

Appreciate Life

I appreciate life
It’s getting better
I appreciate you
As we get closer
I appreciate family
And feeling supported
I appreciate hope
Looking for the good
I appreciate people
All shapes and sizes
I appreciate my luck
In having all I have
I appreciate love
In all it’s many guises
I appreciate a friend
I’ll try to be one too
I appreciate the sunshine
Happiness and humour
I appreciate the rain
Making me stronger
I appreciate the wicked
I’ll watch and learn their lessons
I appreciate the meek
Quietly going about their day
I appreciate peace
With so many warring nations
I appreciate being nourished
With so many without what they need
I appreciate my power
To make life something special
I appreciate the time
To create something new

Broken Dreams

Broken dreams
Surround me it seems
Desires when I was life sure
Are torn apart, no more
A marriage at an end
Friendships I can’t mend
Close family at war
Bruised, battered and sore
You had given me hope
New dreams, emotions evoked
Hand held
Past demons felled
You felt what I felt
Lives meld
Differences were always there
Issues, conflicting beliefs aired
As all else merged
These conflicts diverged
Try as hard as we might
Our love forced them tight
But never together.
This dream wasn’t real
Despite the appeal
Of a new hope new goal
A chance to form one whole
Love. Defining what life means
Amongst a field of broken dreams

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