Man in Red Jacket

A man in red jacket enters the bus
Sits down, wipes his hands, and with little fuss
Proceeds to tune out, stare straight ahead
No outward sign; does he dream, want his bed?
He is sodden, it’s wet, despite explorers coat
He’s been caught, capsized, fallen out of his boat
He is dreaming, controlled, as forward he looks
Unaware of surrounds be they lies, cheaters and crooks
He’s thinking of work, thinking of home
He’s shut down, constrained, because he’s feeling alone
Cant cope with events on his journey, blinkered he sits,
His senses turned off, without half his wits
Behind him there lurks someone who merits much more
Than the slightest of looks as he walks to the door
She’s the star of this journey, the one set for fame
She’s the one with azure eyes, and herbilicious name
He could have noticed her charm, her beauty, her fire
Even without her mascara, she was all he’d desire
Caught in his thinking, he never sees what he passed
The soggy bright diamond on the row second to last

No Longer Apart

For the briefest moment
The beat of a heart
You were present
Here, no longer apart
I went to call you
Your scent in the air
Could see you at home
Your eyes and your hair
Your warmth, your love
The feel of your touch
A full sense of you
I miss you so much

Don’t Extrapolate

It’s just me
Trying my best
Most of the time
Except when I stumble
Don’t see demons
There’s no malice
No attempt to leave
All I feel for you is love
Sometimes I forget
Don’t call in and check
But this behaviour
Is just that
Don’t extrapolate
It doesn’t mean
The rest is flawed
Use our definition
Use our version of love
The one where together
We have created a peace
A place of positive calm
Don’t pick at a crack that
Isn’t there before the picking
I love you my love

Nirvana will Start

What happens in the future?
What is set for me?
How can I see what’s coming?
What is my destiny?
Can I control what’s coming?
Prepare against the storm
Build a house on the rocks
A shelter from any new dawn
Can I predict, prophecise, or know
Is there a point to having a goal
I just want simple things,
Want happiness, oneness, a whole
A companion, a muse, a friend
A partner, is this too much to demand?
A lover, explorer, supporter,
Someone I trust at my right hand,
Should I stew over meetings
Should I lament chances missed
As I plan for the future
As I look for one Miss
Who must believe I am looking
I hope she has in her heart
That when we come together
Nirvana will start

Ten Foot Tall

Some days can be full of grind
Heavy burden on your back
Others hold no promise
Interest and excitement lack
This Monday is different
Today I’m ten foot tall
No one knows the reason
That glee has come to call
It’s a not so secret smile
That’s very poorly kept
That from heart and mind
Has to my features leapt
There’s hope and promise
No real need to be coy
There’s an early start
To what might be joy
To sum it up
Truth confer
I met her.

She Harbours Greatness

It’s been day of knowing
A day passed since we met
Time of raised awareness
Of hope and no regret
We’ve shared a morning walk
She bought me a large coffee
In humbly, being lovely
She’s set something lose in me
It’s excitement and a lightness
Heightened senses, blocked no more
I can see she harbours greatness
Within, perhaps like nobody before
Maybe I am too accepting
Perhaps my romance does me wrong
But after one morning so relaxed
There’s a chance we both belong
In a state of simple sharing
Of being who we chose to be
A product of the space we’re making
Me for her and her for me
Forgive the poet’s license
To exaggerate, to maximise effect
But there’s much to praise this pair
Even in the short time to reflect
She has beauty but doesn’t realise
Is wise but seeks no credit for its source
She’s interesting and vibrant
A thousand questions would not be forced
So without rushing or expecting
We can meet around a boating theme
Two honest souls exploring
What might be, and dare to dream

First Date

Should have worn a newer top
She’s going to hate my look
Brain whirring, overthinking, can’t stop

Sit by the door
No get to the back of the cafe
Be busy writing, don’t sit waiting
There’s no chance this goes okay

Be yourself
You’re joking! Be Mr super cool
She’s so much better than you
This matters; don’t play the fool

Remember she’s human too
Don’t fret she’ll be nervous as well
She’s the one who wanted to meet you

Could be it
She might be the one
This could be the day of meeting
A date to Remember in years to come

She’s here
Surge of adrenaline rush
Make eye contact, she’s electric
Excited this could mean so much

Love is all around

There is love all around us
Love beneath every word that is said
Some is a love of self and security
Some feelings trapped by what’s in someone’s head
But it’s love that’s all around us

There are obvious places to see it
In the embrace of lovers or a child’s eyes
Love also exists in the quiet acts
The door held open, a mother soothing a baby’s cries
Love is all around us

You can feel like everyone else has love
That no one spares a thought for you
But ask for a coffee in the local shop
There is love in what people do
Love when a person hands the cup to you

You can accept it or be blind to it all
The beholder can choose what they want to see
A grey sky, commuting hell on earth
Or the flow of people trying to get by lovingly
Believe love is all around us
And it will be.

A Loving Stand

We’re all in this together it seems
But very few know what that means
It means when one of us falls down
Everyone, yes everyone, should gather round

No one chooses to on pavement dwell
So few wish for the Big Issue to sell
We all do what we can to upright stay
But for some it doesn’t end that way

Today it’s them, tomorrow it’s you
So think, what you’d want the crowd to do
To walk on by, or to stop and say
“Are you alright? Are you okay?”

You can spare a minute, and gift concern
Can pause, give time, your contentment earn
A little help, just an outstretched hand
Together, lets make a loving stand.

Her Touch

Imperfect day, imperfect night
Images of her confound my sight
Her scent, her voice, evoke so much
Above all else, I miss her touch
Skin to skin, cheek to cheek
Hand in hand, her touch I seek
A long embrace, a fleeting kiss
Side by side in bed, it’s this I miss
We got so close, we meant so much
A perfect love, a perfect touch

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