Soaring Love

Love ascends, it’s flying high
The hope you feel, makes you light
Your wings unfurl in her arms
You’re invulnerable, beyond harm
You soar together effort free
Released, you share completely
Every memory and every fear
Combined, closer, more near
Bound by heart, compelled by mind
Intrigued, beguiled by all you find
In her, the one that makes you fly
Life lifted by one look, eye to eye

Braille Man

He walks through life at peace
He’s come to terms with pain
He takes insults with ease
It’s not fear on his face engrained
There’s nothing he can do
So little he can say
To refresh judgements, to renew
He was just made this way
From birth he bore the mark
Covered in dots and mounds
But he’s so much more
Than the skin he now confounds
He’s grown beyond his growths
He’s determined not to fail
He will make of life the most
He’s not just the man of Braille

Quiet before the Storm

Quiet before the storm
No sign of what’s to come
Silence, hours after dawn
Still warmth of the sun
No one seems to know
Though I’m feeling sick
Stomach shaking so
The news approaches quick
A last look into eyes
Innocent until they hear
Parents groans and sighs
The maelstrom very near
A last laugh out loud
A smile of loving care
Then into a veil of cloud
Strong winds you cannot bare
Words stick in the throat
Sound carries meanings raw
No attempt to sugar coat
The fact we are no more
What was one is now
Split and separate
No point in why or how
The break is definite
So convey the message
Say that you do feel
Keep the young ones safe
But tell them this is real
They will adapt to change
The fix here is for the best
Future happiness arranged
In two divided nests
Their eyes forever wiser
You hope their hearts will trust
You’ve been honest, fair
And your reasoning is just


This is your last day alone
Today is the end of your wander
Forlorn hope living on your own
Until now every chance squandered

Tonight, you meet your partner
All you have learned works out
Your self knowledge, insights garnered
Are shared, no disguise, little doubt

Electric sparks when holding hands
Attraction, chemistry ensured
Relaxed talking through life plans
Open, honest, self assured

He recognises you as potential kin
Wants to build a house, a home
Wants to help you, the situation you are in
Sounds like a match in calm warm tone

Be happy.
Believe in tonight
You might be well suited
You might.

Founded on the Sand

Of all the things to do
Of all the things to happen
He had to say “we’re through”
Had to leave me cold and barren
The house we had been building
Turns out was founded on the sand
The rains have washed away our home
And left me alone in a foreign land
There’s nothing left of us
No sense in trying to mend the rift
He has cleansed his heart of me
Cut me loose, detached, adrift

Quest for Love

A year passes
A year begins
A few losses
Many wins
Games change
Life moves on
Home rearranged
Old world gone
New loves flourish
Old foes forgotten
New hope nourished
New dream begotten
Smile grows
Burdens lighter
Brow unfurrows
Poised fighter
Ready for now
Well set
Knows how
Will go get
Have all I need
Happy zone
Fear recedes
Never alone
Birthday wish
Is for more
The same dish
As just before
Awoken alive
Heart I’m made of
About to thrive
Quest for love

On Course for Destiny

With love, you want for nought
You’re happy, content, at peace
You don’t worry about the house you bought
You can work hard or have a life of ease
With love, you need not fret
The rest will all come good
You have everything you need to get
You’ve gathered all you should
With love, you are never alone
Your heart and arms are full
With love you always feel at home
Inspired, each day is never dull
With love, your path is clear
Be all that you can hope to be
You know who you have to hold near
On course for your destiny

Lucky Man

I’m a lucky man
Thanks to ancestors
Who made me strong
I’m a lucky man
Grateful for all I have
A life full and long

I’m a lucky man
With family and friends
Who rarely stands alone
I’m a lucky man
With loving growing kids
And a happy warm home

I’m a lucky man
Who has his health
And mind at ease
I’m a lucky man
With access to wealth
Can do as I please

I’m a lucky man
Met an amazing girl
When I least suspected
I’m a lucky man
Our love is divine
Though never expected

I’m a lucky man
I’ll be the best I can
Head high, walking tall
I’m a lucky man
Good and happy
Who gives thanks for all

Terrible Goodbyes

Since the beginning of us
We’ve been terrible at goodbyes
When it’s nearly time to go
You can see it in our eyes
There’s the sadness of parting
Knowing you will miss the other
Trying to drag yourself away, then
You need a moment to recover
There’s a reason we take our time
Wave at each other down the street
Say goodbye a hundred ways
Allow our pattern to repeat
Love, that’s what it means
Let’s always be bad at goodbyes
We can let this failing continue
It’s not sadness but love in my eyes

His Heart was too Small

A boy met a girl
And in no time at all
His heart was full up
His heart was too small
Too small to find space
For all the love that he felt
Full up near to bursting
So he loosened his belt
And he opened his eyes
And he breathed out all he could
Still his heart was too small
To fit in all that was good
He was grateful to her
For the love he now knew
So he listed his thanks
And his swollen heart grew
Just a little at first
Then he felt even more
So it grew and it grew
Three times as big as before
He felt love for her presence
Love for her voice
Love for her cuddles
He had no other choice
She attracted him wholly
Like no other girl had
Mind, body and soul
Which made him so glad
So so so glad
Like he was on top of the world
The winner, the hero
All because of this girl

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