His Heart was too Small

A boy met a girl
And in no time at all
His heart was full up
His heart was too small
Too small to find space
For all the love that he felt
Full up near to bursting
So he loosened his belt
And he opened his eyes
And he breathed out all he could
Still his heart was too small
To fit in all that was good
He was grateful to her
For the love he now knew
So he listed his thanks
And his swollen heart grew
Just a little at first
Then he felt even more
So it grew and it grew
Three times as big as before
He felt love for her presence
Love for her voice
Love for her cuddles
He had no other choice
She attracted him wholly
Like no other girl had
Mind, body and soul
Which made him so glad
So so so glad
Like he was on top of the world
The winner, the hero
All because of this girl


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