Lovers’ Waltz

Yesterday I woke with you asleep on my arm
Blissful sleep
I lay there watching you, grateful and full of love
Totally protected
Your body lay relaxed on mine with nothing between us
Pure intimacy
My hand held yours in our beautiful nighttime dance
Lovers’ waltz

My Mountain

Life’s journey can feel like a mountain
Climbing step by step by step
It’s hard and never ending
No matter how far you get
In rain, the path is tricky
In sun, the views immense
The common paths a bit easier
Your own way can be more tense
You can put yourself in danger
Edge out on a ledge to find
A partner for the climbing
A tether to which you bind
Taking risks can lead to heartache
A slip from your precipice
But the gain is worth the wager
To meet your one a granted wish
Should you stumble by the wayside
If you lose you way at night
Remember your days in sunshine
The highs make life worth a fight
As your days grow short in number
As you reach an aged summit peak
You can rest assured your efforts
Will give you everything you seek
Looking far back down the pathway
The tough times never look so bad
You can bask in your personal glory
Enjoy the great life that you’ve had

Love drives my well being

People are defined in many ways
By factors both shallow and deep
Actions, thoughts, relationships, diet
Sometimes by the company they keep

I might be what I eat and drink
The product of all I’m seeing
But it’s you I hold in my heart
Our love drives my well being

I’m the sum of all my experiences
But I’m different since we met
You’ve shaped and remade me
Lessons in love I won’t forget

I like being the sum of all I do
Happy being defined in that way
Achieving, striving, creating, thriving
Just know it’s you I do it for today

Most of all…

If you are what you think of
And most like what you feel
Then I’m you, and our love
Blessed, living a life ideal

Alive to possibilities

In a crowded room, alone I stand
Throngs of people around me flow
Rethinking the plans I have planned
Smiling happy people what do they know?

Everyone here seems different
All sorts, some connected, others solo
Players in a time and placeless scene
Repeatedly playing out wherever you go

There are the hunters and hunted
There are the social butterflies
There are those loved by almost all
There are those that most despise

Back in my room I await my one
Might walk in the door or already be here
I look around wondering where she’s gone
I’m alive to possibilities now maybe she’s near

Hateful decree

You’ve thrown down the gauntlet
You’ve made me pick up the fight
You’ve forced our hands into conflict
Through your dark words tonight

Don’t remember the start of it
Can’t forget what you said
Didn’t want to be at war
But now your rage is in my head

How can we get past this anger?
We can’t just put this to bed
You’ve said you don’t love me
I’m broken, I’m pained, I’m upset

What’s the point if that’s true?
Why bother if you hate me
Our battles will just get worse
It ends, after your hateful decree

So I’m not going to fight you
Instead let’s both break free
Hope resilient, still resides within
To find someone, to live a life lovingly

My heart repaired

Getting better
Life is getting better
The days grow lighter
My worries grow lighter
My troubles aired
My heart repaired
At last I feel whole
Filled the hole
That you left.

I had fallen

Sure footed I rise
Take my place
Stand tall

Your love removed
Heart ripped open
I had fallen

The floor was cold
My cure remote
Prone, abandoned

Time passed slowly
Each day hurt
Pain became familiar

One morning the sun
Shed gentle warmth
Spring was coming

Now, sure footed I rise
Take my place
Stand tall
But I hold onto my pain

Morning love

You’re my fascination
My goal on waking
Dark brown comfort
Stops me shaking
We walk hand in hand
Journey to work together
There to energise and remake me
Everyday, no matter the weather
It started with a kiss
Lips melded onto plastic lid
Grateful to get my hit
This is my caffeine love

Online date

Away from the lads for a second
He checks on his phone
Makes out like it was for the sport
Sees no message, feels alone

They’d chatted online for days
Before he’d managed to ask her
A number and a chance to meet
Different, she was like no other

They’d met in the park
A simple conversation, seemed safe
He’d over thought his lines
He’d worried she’d want to escape

It had started naturally well
They’d talked just like their texts
He’d relaxed, she’d opened up
Time had flown, neither vexed

An hour had turned into two
Coffees, holding hands, laughs
The sun had shone on them
Familiar at first meeting, no gaffs

A single kiss on parting
He’d felt a fire in his eyes
He’d texted later that night
But so far no replies.

Confused. He’s now not sure
Doesn’t know where he stands
Did she even like him?
Why doesn’t she text?
He wants to know
He wants to make plans

So he steals moments at work
To check on his phone
But until she says it went well
He feels broken, all alone

Addictive Love

It’s like I’d taken a pill
When you walked in the door
Pure euphoric hit
But it’s you I want more

I’m not taking a drag
But my heads in a spin
I’m high from who I’m with
Not what I’ve been doin’

I’ve never taken a line
But this rush that I feel
Makes me need to know you
I’m addicted to your appeal

This is no boxed TV drama
And the only binge that I want
Is of seeing you on repeat
Tire of you. I can’t

I’m hungry at all hours
But no meal I can find
Can sate the gap without you
Complete my heart, body and mind

I’m not downing neat spirit
There’s no need to chug
You are all that I need
Our love is my drug

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