Love from the shadows

Look into the shadows, what do you see?
A threat, a fear, someone staring at thee?
Focus on your demons, what do they say?
Do they set your objectives and limit your day?
It’s here in darkness in the corner of your room
Where deepest hate resides, and nightmares loom
You may feel locked in, bound to carry your woes
But no path is closed off, you’re not left to your foes
There are no walls to your prison, look up, you’ll see
You’re only stopping yourself, let go and you are free
Free to clear out your demons, banish your fear
Free to bring light into your life, to set a path clear
Of the shackles of history, the guilt of what’s gone
To reach to be your potential, not what you came from
Look into the shadows, and with love shining bright
Remove your limits, your echoes, awake from the night

Tongue Tied

Tongue tied
Words stopped
Brain fried
Flow cropped
No easy chat
No simple topic
Will fear combat
To launch our epic
Not until I say
The throat stuck
Buried away
Burgeoning crux
A year of knowing
Months of us
Long time growing
Sometimes discussed
But now, dumbstruck
No other, no maybe
Will do.
I love you my baby.


I miss you
It’s been far too long
Need to hold you
Close, where you belong

I transfix on you
Think just about us two
How Good we are together
Nothing less, will ever do

I love you
Feelings I have never felt
All I do is for your benefit
No one else, as loved in all the world

I want you
I choose you above every other
A life fulfilled
With you, my friend, my muse, my lover

I desire you
Want to consume every part
To show you how I feel
Each act, an act of the heart

Neath Crumpled Sheets

There she lies
Neath crumpled sheets
A glimpse of golden skin

Fair of face
Body held with grace
Beauty from outside to in

Bounteous rose
Framed by petaled hair
A joy to touch, to feel, to see

Wondrous sight
Her force, her might
Her all is beloved by me

Restful dream
Her slow drawn breath
An infectious sense of calm

Together we
Embrace shared destiny
She cannot come to harm

My vision
On her downy bed
I send affections from above

A gentle kiss
Placed on her cheek
Conveys my whole hearted love

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