Love from the shadows

Look into the shadows, what do you see?
A threat, a fear, someone staring at thee?
Focus on your demons, what do they say?
Do they set your objectives and limit your day?
It’s here in darkness in the corner of your room
Where deepest hate resides, and nightmares loom
You may feel locked in, bound to carry your woes
But no path is closed off, you’re not left to your foes
There are no walls to your prison, look up, you’ll see
You’re only stopping yourself, let go and you are free
Free to clear out your demons, banish your fear
Free to bring light into your life, to set a path clear
Of the shackles of history, the guilt of what’s gone
To reach to be your potential, not what you came from
Look into the shadows, and with love shining bright
Remove your limits, your echoes, awake from the night


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