Addictive Love

It’s like I’d taken a pill
When you walked in the door
Pure euphoric hit
But it’s you I want more

I’m not taking a drag
But my heads in a spin
I’m high from who I’m with
Not what I’ve been doin’

I’ve never taken a line
But this rush that I feel
Makes me need to know you
I’m addicted to your appeal

This is no boxed TV drama
And the only binge that I want
Is of seeing you on repeat
Tire of you. I can’t

I’m hungry at all hours
But no meal I can find
Can sate the gap without you
Complete my heart, body and mind

I’m not downing neat spirit
There’s no need to chug
You are all that I need
Our love is my drug


4 thoughts on “Addictive Love

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    1. Thank you – when you fall and let yourself fall in love there is a risk of that love consuming everything in your life. So you still need a little balance, but mostly to fall in love

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