What she tried to hide

It’s feeling increasingly clear
This woman has played me
Over our long twenty years
She’s lied and deceived me.
Withheld her heart
Not said as much
Held herself apart
No contact, no touch
It’s been left to me to find
All she has hidden, myself
Even now absent of mind
Not caring but for herself
Now more games begin
Driving a bloody wedge
Between me and “her kin”
All I did was to try
To have a loving life
So I’ll have that with the kids
And now I’ll find a loving “wife”
I won’t question why she lied
Why the truth was locked inside
It was treachery trying to hide
What she constantly denied

To be your man

In all of the big wide world
Across the whole of the earth
How many are as we are
and know what love is worth
Nearly ten billion souls
In hundreds of lands
With just you and I
Sharing one love plan.
Very few chase their dreams
Of course not everyone can
But I will always chase you
Above all I want to be your man

Practical Love

Ours is a practical love
I express myself each day
So judge me by my actions
Judge what my actions say

The meal I cook to feed us
Says I want to keep you well
The call I make to check on you
Means I love you, can’t you tell

When I tidy before you visit me
It’s not the cleaning I’m seeing to
I want you relaxed and happy
Before i spend the night with you

Making sure our dates are set
And all our nights are planned
Is not calendar OCD
Making the most of us I demand,

The pair of socks I bought you
Say I want to meets your needs
Want you well homed and happy
Comfort and joy, our love exceeds

I’ll not write a flowing poem
Or create a song for you
I’ll love you in a practical way
Judge me by what I do

Right to go back?

Coming or going
Don’t know if I’m coming or going
Right to go on, right to go back?
I love her but it’s right to change tack
Her heart is set, her heart is pure
We like the same things, want for no more
She is attractive, sexy, fit and on fire
Beautiful, one of whom I won’t tire
When we talk deep on opinions core
We don’t match, meet or each other endure
She is caring, considerate, and loving too
If you need her there is nothing she won’t do
This love warrants life, for which she will care
But I’ve already done that and already been there
I’m science she’s not, she has faith when I don’t
She’s fire when I’m ice, I flex when she won’t
My light, my love, my baby, my one
Don’t know if to go back or to push on
This split doesn’t feel wrong, doesn’t feel bad
But I don’t know how to leave this love, that we’ve had.

Relax, unwind

Close your eyes and dream
Slow breath, steady heartbeat
Hear the sounds that calm
Rest, relax, take a seat

Feel the week fall away
Regain your ever-ready poise
Let stress and strain go
Be an island, far from the noise

Slow down feel chilled
Think of your real needs
Assess the things you need to do
Plan your weekend, happy deeds

Innermost Heart

How do you describe you?
Explain you through and through?
Where to start? What to say?
How would you, your truths convey?
A surface of smiles and eyes
But below something darker lies
Open to delve into feelings deep
Innermost heart locked away you keep
A story of your early years
You lay out so all your virtue hears
To family you appear so sweet
Their high expectations so to meet
Two months in the sharing ceased
Back story in place you were pleased
Left out the bad, left out your shame
Made a thin veneer of your name
A name that really says watch your back
Past loves would say you integrity lack
A string of deceits, broken faith
If I’d known, a different path I’d take
You have beauty and joy, I love you so
But now I’m glad you’re set to go
Go forward and paint a picture true
For future loves and for the future you

Love for another mile

I came here alone
Walked twice across this earth
Saw sights and peoples
All after my humble birth

I tried to learn all I could
Kept my eyes wide
Saw good and bad
From challenge I did not hide

I met another traveller
Hands held, minds meld
Saw life and love
Heart thawed, emotions melt

I was happy to my core
Years passed no need for any more
Saw no end
Then it ended. Pain endure

I was all alone
Delivered to my true state
Saw no hope, no other
No love, no partner, no mate

I feel need now
Some time later see a smile
See joy, happiness
A hand to hold for a while
A love to endure for another mile


Rolling waves crash over my love
Taking us off our feet and to our knees
Our path doused and no longer clear
Unable to be guided by what we see

Our hearts in cycle, waltzing through life
Heading for embrace, pirouette, and kiss
Now pulled into the sea, disrupted,
Drowning for lack of horizon, no near miss

Hand slips from hand, bonds break
Ties pull taut, are strained then snap
What is this ordeal? why allow this pain?
Doing the right thing? Whatever, no going back

A Place for my Heart

A Place for the Heart
Where will my love reside
Now that my house is not my home?
Feelings, emotions I have to hide
Now that my eye has had to roam
Turned away by long term spouse
My path has changed and had to restart
Need to reset, rebuild my house
And find a new place for my heart
With children around me, so much to do
Find and furnish, rebuild and rebase
A quest for love I have to see through
New goals, new possibilities, a new place
A place that fits like a glove,
A place no longer apart,
A place for all my love,
A place for my heart

Love your life

Blank page, clean slate
It’s up to you what you make
Curves or a straight line
Paint fast or take your time
Draw an expansive landscape
Sketch a fantasy portrait
Use colours bright or grey
It’s your decision every day
Make of this new start
A desire from the heart
Of this new page
A happier new stage
No matter what you do
Make sure the work, works for you

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