Right to go back?

Coming or going
Don’t know if I’m coming or going
Right to go on, right to go back?
I love her but it’s right to change tack
Her heart is set, her heart is pure
We like the same things, want for no more
She is attractive, sexy, fit and on fire
Beautiful, one of whom I won’t tire
When we talk deep on opinions core
We don’t match, meet or each other endure
She is caring, considerate, and loving too
If you need her there is nothing she won’t do
This love warrants life, for which she will care
But I’ve already done that and already been there
I’m science she’s not, she has faith when I don’t
She’s fire when I’m ice, I flex when she won’t
My light, my love, my baby, my one
Don’t know if to go back or to push on
This split doesn’t feel wrong, doesn’t feel bad
But I don’t know how to leave this love, that we’ve had.


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