I have a secret

I have a secret
No other can share
Words stay unspoken
I wouldn’t dare.
So the world hasn’t heard
And my eyes do not tell
Outer surface is calm
Heart stirs and swells
Nobody knows
No one can see
The love
The love burning in me
I feel like a flame
Lit by your spark
But this tube full of commuters
Is still in the dark
My mind is alive
My feelings awoken
With passion for you
Invincible love can’t be broken

Closer Together

Understand me love
Hear my heart
Each time we meet
We are less far apart
We share our days progress
We talk to our fears
We hope for the future
And as the future grows near
We have shared objectives
We have shared dreams
We aim to be happy
And both know what that means
Each time we meet
We step closer still
Closer together
One life, one will

Punk Rocker Daydream

A regular morning
Commute on the tube
Head down to Euston
Melancholy mood
Then in walks a daydream
Rock and roll chic
A glance in my direction
A stud through her cheek
Mascara, Heavy lipstick
Jeans, boots and all
She smiles at me
That’s it, I’m in her thrall
She’s different, exotic
Not like the rest
Leather jacket, punk rocker
An open string vest
Black hair over her eye line
Studs all round her cuff
Her satchel graffiti
Her look familiar but rough
We pull into Euston
“Excuse me” I say
My punk rocker daydream
Just gets out of the way
Not sure how to ask her
Was the Smile something more?
I will look out tomorrow
For her, at the sliding door

She Rises

Hunched shoulders
Clenched fists
Slow progress
Against the wind
Road ahead folded
Back on itself,
The journey long
The sky falls black
The storm rages strong
Why expect progress?
Maelstrom holds you
Static, wasted effort, burning legs
Heavy, weighed down
Carrying the burden of all
Stumble in the night
Closed, clenched
Angry, resentful
Sodden, drenched
Eyes to the floor
You can stand no more

Pause, still.
Blink of light
Shining star
Breaks the night
She rises
All change
Heart grows

Self Love; I do, I don’t

I love myself.
All the good I’ve done
When brave, bold and strong
All the good yet to come

What’s not to like?
But I know me.
Being fearful at times
Avoiding feeling, avoiding destiny

I love myself.
The friends I’ve made
Relationships, mutual support
Feelings that don’t fade

A growing entourage
But I know me.
The people I’ve left
Abandoned somewhat recklessly

I love myself.
Always learning more
Trying, driving and striving
Be better than before

Always moving forward
But I know me.
The pain I’ve caused
Through my growing inconsistency

I love myself.
That’s what I’m told is true
Love you, if you don’t
What do you expect everyone else to do?

Seems to make sense
But I know me.
I say I self-love
You can see I don’t, obviously

Choose a positive path

The positive in life gives light
The negative, a path to dark
So when emotions ‘ere take flight
Their intent makes a difference stark

See the good and you are growing
In the warmth, you rise no fear you’ll fall
Giving back because where you are going
There’s an abundance for one and all

Fear fuelled emotion saps the spirit
Builds distrust, fellow travellers you’ll fight
Scrapping for the little to which you’re entitled
Alone and abandoned in the night

Crazy lonely is no way to exist
A life together is more bearable
Find a friend and walk in sunshine
You’ll feel better in no time at all

Once you’re whole, there’s one more secret
From forging friends new heights you’ll find
Soon a special star you’ll uncover
With the joy of love to light your mind

Choose a positive path toward the sunshine
Measure your life by friends and given love
Turn from fear, avoid the shadows
Give thanks, be grateful, you have enough

Love is Patience

In a complex world of layered lives
Commitments to work, to kids and ex wives
The simplest and purest love, true peace
Needs two hearts who can be at ease
With changing plans, altered days
Perfect aims affected in mays ways
At least for a time

Then they meet, breathe, it all makes sense
Love is great, love a gift, love is patience

Distant Love

My heart is broken
Not for lack of repair
A part was removed
It’s no longer there

It’s gone overseas
To a place far away
Far cross the oceans
And there it will stay

A heart not intact
Still functions it seems
He’s gone from my country
But lives in my dreams

He’s made a new life
Has a family himself
Is successful and happy
Good health, Good wealth

But he’s not here to wrestle
To chide, tease and to play
To be brothers in arms, stand
Not let life get in the way

I miss you my brother
And the years fail to heal
The gap in my heart
Your absence I feel.

Love and its Potential

Swirling all around you
Passing by you on the street
Love and it’s potential, is there, it’s real
In every person that you meet

On the tube, the bus, in the corner
Sitting close, or across the room
Love and it’s potential, is there, it’s real
You don’t have to be alone

At all hours of the day
Morning, noon and night
Love and it’s potential, is there, it’s real
In the eyes, it’s love that’s shining bright

Stay open and you will feel it
Be yourself, in time, you will see
There are many loves and lovers
For us, for you and me

Momentary Love

Street scene, approaching lady light
She didn’t smile when she passed
Walked right on by, hope as I might
No turning to admit a love that would last

We made no contact, no awareness
But still there’s something yearning in me
A connection likely just of the eye
No way that this momentary love might be

How can I feel so soon?
This is no learing letching stare
To my love, this echo does not compare
This is a function of a heart laid bare

Raw nerves floundering at my surface
Open, exposed to every passerby
Indiscriminately seeking purpose
Can’t turn off feeling but I try

Love having been flexed is strong
But with no you, has no where to go
So as I walk into work on Tuesday
I fall momentarily for people I don’t know

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