Choose a positive path

The positive in life gives light
The negative, a path to dark
So when emotions ‘ere take flight
Their intent makes a difference stark

See the good and you are growing
In the warmth, you rise no fear you’ll fall
Giving back because where you are going
There’s an abundance for one and all

Fear fuelled emotion saps the spirit
Builds distrust, fellow travellers you’ll fight
Scrapping for the little to which you’re entitled
Alone and abandoned in the night

Crazy lonely is no way to exist
A life together is more bearable
Find a friend and walk in sunshine
You’ll feel better in no time at all

Once you’re whole, there’s one more secret
From forging friends new heights you’ll find
Soon a special star you’ll uncover
With the joy of love to light your mind

Choose a positive path toward the sunshine
Measure your life by friends and given love
Turn from fear, avoid the shadows
Give thanks, be grateful, you have enough


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