Self Love; I do, I don’t

I love myself.
All the good I’ve done
When brave, bold and strong
All the good yet to come

What’s not to like?
But I know me.
Being fearful at times
Avoiding feeling, avoiding destiny

I love myself.
The friends I’ve made
Relationships, mutual support
Feelings that don’t fade

A growing entourage
But I know me.
The people I’ve left
Abandoned somewhat recklessly

I love myself.
Always learning more
Trying, driving and striving
Be better than before

Always moving forward
But I know me.
The pain I’ve caused
Through my growing inconsistency

I love myself.
That’s what I’m told is true
Love you, if you don’t
What do you expect everyone else to do?

Seems to make sense
But I know me.
I say I self-love
You can see I don’t, obviously


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