The day is turning
Rolling round and down
The winds are blowing
Smiling faces turn to frowns
She’s not the one
The highs are now lows
Trouble’s brewing
The joys are now woes

Two Peas

You and I are different
Two peas from altered pods
We start from dissimilar places
Dissimilar views, dissimilar gods
Physically, strong attraction
Mentally, vibrant interaction
Spiritually, we can coexist
Holistically, can we make a go of this?
I believe; if I can stay as me
If you can remain as you
Both Not tying to force opinion
Both Not trying to change a view
Then, there’s hope that two, can
Never one become
But be more than their separate selves
One plus one does three sum

Strong Morning

I am risen
Stronger than the day
A match for all I meet
Set to succeed in every way
I am open
Observing, learning at pace
Confident in my evolving ethos
Reading the truth in every face
I am here
To be happy, to be me
Surrounded by uplifting souls
Energised, capable and free

No Demands

Smooth skinned
Bright eyed
Hold my hand

So different
Drawn in
Not planned

In the moment
Right now
I’m your man

Talk and trust
Challenge me
But no demands

Be calm
Don’t lean forward
Gentle every way I can

Feel at home
Hope she’ll come
Take as much time as you can stand

All You Can Eat?

What harm am I
Doing in meeting those
Surfing for dates online
And yet the feeling grows
That this isn’t right
This isn’t good for me
Discarding one, taking another
My mental health’s in jeopardy
See, the more you dismiss,
The more you commoditise
The more you feel numb
And your heart, you neutralise
By all means, sort the pile
Take the chaff from the wheat
But remember to choose.
This isn’t an “all you can eat”

Dating Discomfort

Meeting fresh faces
Exposing your dreams
Involves discomfort
Or so it seems
There’s a need to take risks
Share some of your heart
To listen to their stories
A sharing, testing start
Questions do follow
Thoughts flood into your head
Some painful, some exciting
Talk small about books you’ve read
Back, forth, exchanging a view
Close together but rarely at ease
Until. one or other or both decide
About the person she or he sees
Shake hands, hug, kiss
Is he someone you’ll miss?
Smiles and laughter
Seeking happy ever after

Space to Repair

Silent start to a new day
The voice of my heart, away
My companion of a year
Withdrawn for now I fear
A morning hello, we now forgo
How she is on waking, I don’t know
Our routine, interrupted rightly
We’ve lost the mutual care nightly
A chance for rebuilding space
To stop hanging on for days,
And days, when we know we are done
When we know, we are not each other’s one
It’s a good step for us to pause
Give time, and not a friendship force
Time heals and heads clear
We will repair without being near
I hope we can talk, renew our love
As friends, once we’ve recovered enough

Hungry for Love

She came and sat opposite me
Explained her ethos transparently
Our differences she made clear
Then they seemed to disappear
As we chatted through the night.

She at first of wayward eye
Relaxed with me her random guy
Told me all she had to tell
Then asked questions of me as well
She proved how nice she was.

Enigmatic, smiling she
Was more than I’d hoped she’d be
Raven hair and fair of face
The jewel in this meeting place
She proved her beauty.

Complex, multi layered, ornate
She promised not to complicate
A life we’d build in ten parts
Of love, a donkey, and two hearts
She gave me hope.

To carriages, a journey home
I couldn’t leave her on her own
Through woods a walk in dark of night
First kiss, she set my soul alight
She made me want her.

So now, on this new day
She’s in my thoughts in many ways
Shes smart, she’s wise, she’s kind
She could take a place in heart and mind
I’m curious to know much more
Eager for time with her, encore
To see her as she sees herself
To talk through fears, feel as she’s felt
There’s time to build a solid base
Hands held, entwined, in warm embrace
From bumbling start…
She’s certainly intrigued my heart

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
Celebrate, rejoice,
Presents, friends, enjoy,
Treats and gifts that never end
Cards to you good wishes send
Affection torrent flow
To make sure that you know
You are loved. Be happy

Date Night #1

Cold and calm
Prepped for arm in arm
Be your best, look good
Do as you should
Don’t share too soon
Ask how he’s doing
Talk all about him
Give away nothing
If asked, stay cool
Be fun, not the fool
Stay loose, chat
Know where it’s at
Need him less,
Than he needs you
Stay in control
Know what to do
If you like him, let on
Be strong
That’s the best way to see it through
The best way to ensure date number two

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