Just Met Someone

Just met someone
Stop the clocks
Check yourselves
Senses overwhelmed
Mark this moment
Just met someone

Air still
Night aglow
Euphoric wave
Hammer blow
Eyes shine
Heart heaves
Soul soars
She leaves

Just met someone
Fixed on her smile
Bathe in her light
It starts this night
Alive with joy
Just met someone

The Food’s Cooked

Table set for two
Food cooked,
I wait for you
You’ve not phoned
There’s no text
WhatsApp’s empty too
I’ve poured the wine
I was on time
And so I wait for you
You’ve always been
Punctual it seems
So why now leave me to hang
Was it my mistake
Are your feelings fake?
Does another your love take?
The foods cooked
I wait for you
Don’t give me more time
To wonder what to do

Set of Sun

Pinks, blues, pastel hues,
Edge of bright dry day.
A last hurrah, of blended colour,
To set sun on its way.
The smile of sky, left on high,
Reminds all, how good it’s been,
To live and love, purest blue above,
Now lost to night serene.

Swipe Right

Swipe right
Let’s go out tonight
I can tell from single pic
The girl to whom I will stick
Through tests thin and thick
Of course I can’t.

Swipe left
She hasn’t passed the test
A nose too long or fat or bent
Too angry, too strong or on a vent
Less than an angel heaven sent
But who knows, I don’t

Text back and fro
In weak attempt to know
The outcome should you date
Predict your pairing fate
Then for her answer wait
Meet and find out

Ready for him

Cold and calm
Prepped for arm in arm
Be cool, look good
Do as you should
Don’t share too soon
Ask how he’s doing
Talk all about him
Give away nothing
If asked, stay cool
Be fun, not the fool
Stay loose, chat
Know where it’s at
Need him less,
than he needs you
Stay in control
Know what to do
If you like him, let on
Be strong.
That’s the best way to see it through.

Fancy Macchiato

Standing behind you
In the coffee queue
You, a swish of raven hair
Waiting with expectant air
Best bag, boots, nails, brow
Gets what she wants, and how
Made up with no place to go
Ordering a fancy macchiato
A princess, model, engineer
I could ask with you near
But there’s a strong chance
You can judge by appearance
And that all there is to know
Is already ostentatiously on show…

Loves himself

Professional. Not a hair out of place
Clean shaven, moisturised face
Suit, shoes immaculate state
In a hurry, don’t make him wait
Branded bag, branded belt
Expression like it’s you he smelt
High end watch beyond his means
First sign all is not as it seems
Second glance. Cheap shirt
No coat of any particular worth
Wannabe banker wanting more
A mini masquerade but what for?
Looking for status, copy their style
Sounding strong; empty all the while
Stand tall on the tube. Confidence exude.
A polished shell with everything to prove.

Brief encounter

There she sat for half an hour
Enthralled entirely in her power
You didn’t raise your eyes or cough or say
Anything to draw her attention away
From the laptop she worked at constantly
From minute one to minute thirty
Instead you grabbed a glance or two
Thought about what you might do
To ask for her number or give her yours
But now she’s left through the cafe doors

Cafe Buzz

Two men talk about work near the window
Teenage girls compare apps and pics
Mum and dad treat grown up kids
I’m in the cafe corner but not in the mix

No doubt there’s a buzz of voices shared
Background music hanging in the air
A pointed laugh every once in a while
Behind noise cancelled headphone wall; I don’t care

Smiles and frowns but no anger shown
All of life as a topic to explain and prod
Beings living, socialising, engaging
In the corner this solo worthless sod

Clamber, cautious, out of self dug trench,
Remove the guards and barricades let people in
Believe in people; the promise of belonging
Don’t delay, step forward, just one act to begin

Love Spoken

We part for the day,
Take care, have fun,
We say.

Spend our time apart,
Good luck, safe journey,
Comes from the heart.

Trust my troth to others,
Miss you, kiss kiss,
Is all one mutters.

A last look, stored to last,
I love you my love,
Enough, until this day is passed.

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