What is all this?

Ask most people what they want in life and love will be in their answer. It is either what we strive for or the reason that we strive. However how many of us make it our goal? How many of us decide to prioritise love? To live a life of love?


Quest for Love is a movement where that can change. You can seek love above all else. We can live lives of love and be the heroes and heroines of our own love stories.

Your Own Love Story

Your love story began a long time ago. If you are reading this you are open to finding emotional connection and joy in other people… that’s rare. Your love story isn’t about a sliding doors moment or a romance of note, or at least it doesn’t have to be. Your love story is about you seeking love and making love your goal.

What Hippy Nonsense

From your first breath you feel connection and love for your parents. In life you see beauty in others and seek affection. In later life your own family becomes a core part of who you are. This isn’t hippy nonsense, we all live with love in our hearts, just rarely expressed and rarely acknowledged. So what’s wrong with making Love your goal?

Why Bother

In a time when hate is rising, and intolerance is gaining momentum, Love should awaken. Love should have an army with recruits from all corners of the globe, all walks of life, all religions, all genders, all ages.

Join the quest for love and slowly we can turn the tide. We can spread love. We can warm the cold hearts of other groups and reunite fractured households, communities, peoples and nations.

Bother because you will be happier.

Bother because every impact spreads happiness.

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