Hungry for Love

She came and sat opposite me
Explained her ethos transparently
Our differences she made clear
Then they seemed to disappear
As we chatted through the night.

She at first of wayward eye
Relaxed with me her random guy
Told me all she had to tell
Then asked questions of me as well
She proved how nice she was.

Enigmatic, smiling she
Was more than I’d hoped she’d be
Raven hair and fair of face
The jewel in this meeting place
She proved her beauty.

Complex, multi layered, ornate
She promised not to complicate
A life we’d build in ten parts
Of love, a donkey, and two hearts
She gave me hope.

To carriages, a journey home
I couldn’t leave her on her own
Through woods a walk in dark of night
First kiss, she set my soul alight
She made me want her.

So now, on this new day
She’s in my thoughts in many ways
Shes smart, she’s wise, she’s kind
She could take a place in heart and mind
I’m curious to know much more
Eager for time with her, encore
To see her as she sees herself
To talk through fears, feel as she’s felt
There’s time to build a solid base
Hands held, entwined, in warm embrace
From bumbling start…
She’s certainly intrigued my heart


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