Punk Rocker Daydream

A regular morning
Commute on the tube
Head down to Euston
Melancholy mood
Then in walks a daydream
Rock and roll chic
A glance in my direction
A stud through her cheek
Mascara, Heavy lipstick
Jeans, boots and all
She smiles at me
That’s it, I’m in her thrall
She’s different, exotic
Not like the rest
Leather jacket, punk rocker
An open string vest
Black hair over her eye line
Studs all round her cuff
Her satchel graffiti
Her look familiar but rough
We pull into Euston
“Excuse me” I say
My punk rocker daydream
Just gets out of the way
Not sure how to ask her
Was the Smile something more?
I will look out tomorrow
For her, at the sliding door


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