Innermost Heart

How do you describe you?
Explain you through and through?
Where to start? What to say?
How would you, your truths convey?
A surface of smiles and eyes
But below something darker lies
Open to delve into feelings deep
Innermost heart locked away you keep
A story of your early years
You lay out so all your virtue hears
To family you appear so sweet
Their high expectations so to meet
Two months in the sharing ceased
Back story in place you were pleased
Left out the bad, left out your shame
Made a thin veneer of your name
A name that really says watch your back
Past loves would say you integrity lack
A string of deceits, broken faith
If I’d known, a different path I’d take
You have beauty and joy, I love you so
But now I’m glad you’re set to go
Go forward and paint a picture true
For future loves and for the future you


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