My Mountain

Life’s journey can feel like a mountain
Climbing step by step by step
It’s hard and never ending
No matter how far you get
In rain, the path is tricky
In sun, the views immense
The common paths a bit easier
Your own way can be more tense
You can put yourself in danger
Edge out on a ledge to find
A partner for the climbing
A tether to which you bind
Taking risks can lead to heartache
A slip from your precipice
But the gain is worth the wager
To meet your one a granted wish
Should you stumble by the wayside
If you lose you way at night
Remember your days in sunshine
The highs make life worth a fight
As your days grow short in number
As you reach an aged summit peak
You can rest assured your efforts
Will give you everything you seek
Looking far back down the pathway
The tough times never look so bad
You can bask in your personal glory
Enjoy the great life that you’ve had


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