Love is all around

There is love all around us
Love beneath every word that is said
Some is a love of self and security
Some feelings trapped by what’s in someone’s head
But it’s love that’s all around us

There are obvious places to see it
In the embrace of lovers or a child’s eyes
Love also exists in the quiet acts
The door held open, a mother soothing a baby’s cries
Love is all around us

You can feel like everyone else has love
That no one spares a thought for you
But ask for a coffee in the local shop
There is love in what people do
Love when a person hands the cup to you

You can accept it or be blind to it all
The beholder can choose what they want to see
A grey sky, commuting hell on earth
Or the flow of people trying to get by lovingly
Believe love is all around us
And it will be.


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