She Harbours Greatness

It’s been day of knowing
A day passed since we met
Time of raised awareness
Of hope and no regret
We’ve shared a morning walk
She bought me a large coffee
In humbly, being lovely
She’s set something lose in me
It’s excitement and a lightness
Heightened senses, blocked no more
I can see she harbours greatness
Within, perhaps like nobody before
Maybe I am too accepting
Perhaps my romance does me wrong
But after one morning so relaxed
There’s a chance we both belong
In a state of simple sharing
Of being who we chose to be
A product of the space we’re making
Me for her and her for me
Forgive the poet’s license
To exaggerate, to maximise effect
But there’s much to praise this pair
Even in the short time to reflect
She has beauty but doesn’t realise
Is wise but seeks no credit for its source
She’s interesting and vibrant
A thousand questions would not be forced
So without rushing or expecting
We can meet around a boating theme
Two honest souls exploring
What might be, and dare to dream


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