Emotion Expressed

Express your emotions
Let out what you feel
Keep on explaining
That the love you have is real

It doesn’t matter the medium
It doesn’t matter the care
That’s taken to love convey
To get your insides out there

Don’t temper your message
Deliver pure and simple truth
If it’s strong then it’s strong
Go shout it, raise the roof

Take care with your subject
Reflect on what is said in return
Don’t hammer unwelcome doors
Don’t risk bridges being burned

Express your emotions
Let out what you feel
Keep on explaining
That the love you have is real

Billboard Beauty

Perfect person where art thou
From an eye seeing every flaw
A thousand people cross my path
From each the aesthetic could be more

Too heavy, too light,
Ill fitting clothes not right
Sagging necks, rounded hips
Over filled figures, under filled lips

Snap chat filter faces
Billboard smooth skin
Washboard six pack
This isn’t beauty. Fact

Exotic unusual.
Diverse, not seen before
Non conforming characteristics
Perfect imperfect is beauty’s core

Rollercoaster Love

Over the top
Shuddering car doors open
All aboard the rollercoaster ride
Lights shine all the fun of the fair
Tickets taken, excitement you cannot hide

No safety barrier can you close
As rickety train takes to the skies
Panicked, hold on for dear life
Until off the rails your ride flies

Detached, derailed, decoupled
Over the brow of looping track
Free falling without control or plan
The end; with no turning back

Then suddenly you ride the loop
The path meets you, up you soar
Head in the clouds, ecstatic
Joyous, in love, once more

Sleeping Beauty

Sleep well beauty
Wake with verve
Gather your power
Energy of the earth
Calm your troubles
Set forth your sight
Face your fears
Be reborn overnight
Your body refreshed
Mind and spirit reborn
Heart strengthened
Ready for a new dawn

Beautiful Fox

Fox sat on morning street
Alert, still seeking food to eat
Onto his path I dare to tread
To work, just risen from my bed
Dawn just passed, light so low
He sits, watches me come and go
He moves his eyes, nothing more
He will this human threat endure
He’s anxious, panicked, set to run
Timid, nervous, in the rising sun
He foraged food was set to rest
Before this last commuter test
I see his peace and feel his calm
How could anyone do you harm?
Mr Fox, sleep well, live long
To this street we do both belong
Slowly I pass, a change of shifts
Beautiful fox my spirit lifts


Your voice can lift me
One call and I’m repaired
Your tone, your sound
Home before truths are aired
Profound and personal
You give your words so free
One call and I’m repaired
Your voice means love to me

Dance not Trance

Locked faces on static seats
Sounds and motion but no beats
Rigid lines file into tube and train
Dead eyes, doing it again and again
Grey sky, grey suit, grey head
Heart asleep and body dead

Roll the menu, pick a tune
Feel excitement, it’s coming soon
Stream online, mind awake
Smile widens deep breath intake
Soul jumps as the base pumps
Closed eyes see golden skies

Toe taps, head shifts, hands play
There’s nothing you can’t do today
Raging crimson against commuter lull
Alive, given up to the music pull
Break the mindless trance
Grasp this salvation chance
Dance, dance, dance

Endless Seas

At ease
Endless seas

Hiding by Helping

Give and give and give
Help and help and help
It’s all I want to do
Maybe I can help you
I reach out and over-stretch
Love to the next poor wretch
But when I’m out and giving so
It’s hard for receiver to get to know
The man I am, the one in here
I’m stopping them getting near
The regular me, he tries less hard
He’s quieter and more relaxed by far
He’s vulnerable and exposed to them
He’s the one they end up with in the end

No Tears for Change

It’s over
What you had is over
There’s no way to return
That bridge has been burned
It’s over

Move on
It’s time to move on
You can’t keep looking back
Look ahead up the track
Move on

There’s hope
In your future there’s hope
Tomorrow all starts with one step
Make plans. Happiness, you can get
There’s hope

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