Whisper “Love”

Whisper “love”
A word taken by lightest breeze
Or shouted over clubs bold sound
We come from vibrations

The air disturbed
By thoughts conveyed
Creates a fragile concept
From which you are made

Be it love or less,
Relations and loves heard
Give rise to all of us
A birth into the real world

Into life, kicking, you arrive
A ball of energy, movement, noise
Making crashing waves
Born of an idea in voice

Life’s performance, simple, complex
Some heard more than the rest
Your friends and family audience
Does to your piece attest

After your life’s rendition
Laid or scattered on the ground
When last bow has come
You return to concept in sound

A eulogy performed in tears
Stories retold for years and years
Sage words heard in times needed
Memories when advice wasn’t heeded
In dreams the voice you know
Never fades when all else might go

Conceived of vibration
Energy given form
In the end returns to sound
Of which we were born


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