It’s Easy to Love

It’s easy to love
It costs naught, it’s free
We all have it in us
Just try and you’ll see
If it’s hard it’s because
From breath one to now
You’ve been taught to forget
So you might not know how.
See an infant at play
A simple bundle of joy
Is filled up with love
That it easily deploys
Gives love to a parent
Embraces a bear
But we soon lose that feeling
As we grow to not care
In teenage the cool ones
Get praised by the rest
So warmth and emotion
Are put to the test
At work, in our twenties
Relations get tough
Worrying about all sorts
Does he love me enough?
So you learn to hold back
You build a brick wall
You lose how to love
Until you’re left with f all
At that point when your trust
And your joy and your hope
Are at zero, wake up
Don’t be a dope
Remember it’s easy
It takes no time to say
I love you, I love you
You’ll be better that way


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