You Said You Were Lonely

Stuck in traffic
No time to loose
Searching for side streets
Shortcuts to use
I set off hopeful
In plenty of time
But now I’m lost
I’m red light blind
Static, still
No closer to you
All avenues blocked
No way through
You are the reason
I got into my car
I wanted to see you
Didn’t seem all that far
Cross town in an instant
Knock at your door
Hold and embrace
That’s what loves for
You only said you were lonely
You just needed a friend
Now I’m here stuck in traffic
Will this jam never end
Ah slowly we are moving
This line in the night
I’m crawling towards you
The end is in sight
At last it’s our corner
Your street and your home
I’ve made it I’m here
You’re no longer alone
I’m telling you softly
Through action and deed
I’m here for you
Whatever you need
I’ll get out of my comfort
I’ll drive for hours and more
You are my sweetheart
The one I adore


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