Time to Go

Time to go out
Like now not then
It’s time we were away
Should I say it again
To get there in time
Out the door we should be
I’d have left by now
If it were just up to me
Ten minutes she says
As she crosses the house
Then gets distracted
My common law spouse
She seems ready to leave
Then needs one more thing
It’s time to go out
But waiting for her is a win

A Time From Before

Slipping back, slipping back
A time from before
Regressing, returning
To a space that’s no more
Investigating, testing
Thinking through again
Draining the reasons
The meaning of back then
Would you now do similar?
Would the end be the same?
Would you want to be different?
Would you give in to his game?
Could you manage the person
Navigate troubles past
Are you more than you were
Rethought, was the old set to last?
Coming back to the present
Should you rekindle that flame?
Or go on with learned lessons
Having found what’s to blame

Online Loving

The rules are changed
Face to face or voice to voice
Our humanity has been altered
But we each have a choice
It’s our individual decision
A knight or a troll to be
Treat others as you would yourself
Engage with the online world lovingly
There’s too much hate
Hurled from shielded IP wall
Author’s tiny effect, ego boost
Every victim made to feel small
Isolated, bullied, suppressed
After the crime there’s no case
No police to protect the victim
Give support or give chase
This isn’t right.
We’ve a common ground
Community should gather round
Insist on respect no matter who
Be responsible for what you do
Conduct code when using code
In digital or any other mode

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