The Grail

Lancelot lays down his helmet
Slowly takes off his shield and plate
Hangs up his sword by its hilt
and gives thanks for his fate
Eyes to the heavens
He breathes, relieved and free
No more into the battle
He has forged his destiny
By being bold and courageous
Taking to the field with might
By bearing arms and being open
He has won this epic fight
With soft word and observation
By learning what he needs
When to give and be beholden
When to cease all worthy deeds
He progressed towards his grail
To find a love that truly gave
Meaning and feeling to his actions
Without a damsel he had to save
A partner for the journey
A companion, muse and more
Someone to inspire life learning
To adventure with and explore
Well now the first quest is completed
He has found the one he sought
She is glorious in her powers
With her he wants for nought
So he hangs his well used armour
He retires the weapons used thus far
And looks to a bright new future
A new quest alongside this new star
She is the one, she is his true love
But even after such a search
There is much to do to relationship form
He really wants to prove his worth
It’s a different battle starting
With heart filled over the brim
So happy, warm and contented
He has a new passion within


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