It’s Easy to Love

It’s easy to love
It costs naught, it’s free
We all have it in us
Just try and you’ll see
If it’s hard it’s because
From breath one to now
You’ve been taught to forget
So you might not know how.
See an infant at play
A simple bundle of joy
Is filled up with love
That it easily deploys
Gives love to a parent
Embraces a bear
But we soon lose that feeling
As we grow to not care
In teenage the cool ones
Get praised by the rest
So warmth and emotion
Are put to the test
At work, in our twenties
Relations get tough
Worrying about all sorts
Does he love me enough?
So you learn to hold back
You build a brick wall
You lose how to love
Until you’re left with f all
At that point when your trust
And your joy and your hope
Are at zero, wake up
Don’t be a dope
Remember it’s easy
It takes no time to say
I love you, I love you
You’ll be better that way

Online Loving

The rules are changed
Face to face or voice to voice
Our humanity has been altered
But we each have a choice
It’s our individual decision
A knight or a troll to be
Treat others as you would yourself
Engage with the online world lovingly
There’s too much hate
Hurled from shielded IP wall
Author’s tiny effect, ego boost
Every victim made to feel small
Isolated, bullied, suppressed
After the crime there’s no case
No police to protect the victim
Give support or give chase
This isn’t right.
We’ve a common ground
Community should gather round
Insist on respect no matter who
Be responsible for what you do
Conduct code when using code
In digital or any other mode

Whisper “Love”

Whisper “love”
A word taken by lightest breeze
Or shouted over clubs bold sound
We come from vibrations

The air disturbed
By thoughts conveyed
Creates a fragile concept
From which you are made

Be it love or less,
Relations and loves heard
Give rise to all of us
A birth into the real world

Into life, kicking, you arrive
A ball of energy, movement, noise
Making crashing waves
Born of an idea in voice

Life’s performance, simple, complex
Some heard more than the rest
Your friends and family audience
Does to your piece attest

After your life’s rendition
Laid or scattered on the ground
When last bow has come
You return to concept in sound

A eulogy performed in tears
Stories retold for years and years
Sage words heard in times needed
Memories when advice wasn’t heeded
In dreams the voice you know
Never fades when all else might go

Conceived of vibration
Energy given form
In the end returns to sound
Of which we were born

Wretched Anxiety

Brain misfiring
I’m overwhelmed today
Well laid, patterned, plans
Have all gone astray.
Blame me, be unkind
Anxious attack on self
Clawingly undermined
Debilitated mental health.
In this repeated loop,
Very few can find,
Me, let alone a route
To escape an erratic mind.
Unstable, this is why
Why I’m left alone
Who would take this?
This wretched human home

Ever Been Loved?

Have you ever been loved?
Has anyone taken the time?
To listen to your story
To look for the signs
When you aren’t happy
Or have an issue in mind
There’s a treasure trove
Of attraction to find

Without Love

Without love
Where would we be?
No bonds between us
No handling with care
A fight for resources
No sense for what’s fair
No balanced emotions
Just hate, rage and will
A battle for survival
Hearts lusting for the kill
It’s love that prevents this
Love shows us a way
To see ourselves in strangers
Let others have their say
So when you go out later
For fun, for work or for chores
Give a smile to fellow travellers
Through love, community endures

Two Minutes to You

Two minutes to you
Can count the seconds
You’ve not been far from me
Since I saw you the first time
In my head
Understanding your understanding
Affected by your light affection
There’s sense in being sensible
But I’m stirred and hope
That this is for some good
A purpose that lasts
Smiling, I have trust

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