Office Awash with Tinselled Staff

It’s beginning to feel like Christmas
Commuters tired on the tube
Shoppers on busy oxford street
Travellers bickering and being rude
Novelty jumpers worn just once
An office awash with tinselled staff
Mince pies, chocolate supplies
Twinkling lights so very naff
Queues of parents for the “must have” toy
Clothes bought to at party deploy
Cards and cards and cards and cards
Chintzy wrapping measured by the yard
Wizard, wham singing tunes
Grandad, grandma busting moves
Tv like there was none before
Carol singing for the poor
Remembering those you wish were here
Prayers to counter hate and fear
Bah humbug and merry wishes
Comfort eating calorific dishes
Everyone involved in family fun
Celebrating a year past, new one begun
Christmas comes just once a year
Love and hope to all, far and near


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