Love of life

Love of life and love of living
Enjoy, experience, travel but Little giving
Learn the lessons of the world
New countries, people, cultures unfurled
Find friends, discover, send ‘grams
No need for goals or mid term plans
Fit in by flying out
Quest for what life’s about
Never settle, no compromise
But shielded from country bagging eyes
Are simple joys.
Hands held by girls and boys
The smile given by a child
The glory of nature, wet and wild
The stories behind your fellow man
Learn of life, here you can
No need to see the fountain trevi
To collect countries, landmarks aplenty
Look around you near your home
It’s all there, no need to roam
So on media social don’t say your worthy
Because of expensive trips and sites
Be grounded, empathic, have wisdom wordly
You can’t buy it, try as you might


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