The Woman with the Dragon Tattoo

Quiet contemplation, relaxed, at peace in a book
Cardigan, reading glasses, not worth a second look
No threat, no disturbance, nothing out of place
But for her there’s someone else under the surface

She’s not smiling but in the morning people rarely do
She’s looking ahead but it feels like she surveilling you
A second glance and her book is “the art of war”
Double take and you’re not sure what she’s here for

It’s hot and so she rolls up her cardigan cuff
And reveals her alter ego just enough
To see in ink, the scaled snout aflame with fire
The eyes of a dragon raging full of ire

At her neck the line of her blouse
Reveals more scales, the tattoo housed
This quiet librarian lady, meek and mild
Is emblazoned, embodies a creature wild

Where then does this fantastic beast roam
What is she like when set free at home?
No one else sees this lady’s darker side
The powerful carnivore she hopes to hide


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