Mountain Love

Climbing through the clouds
In the cold but feeling warm
Ascending blessed snowy Mountain
Between two loves my heart is torn
One is with me on the chairlift
She provides the slopes on which we play
She’s magnificent, majestic
A towering peak in every way
The other sits far from my location
But inhabits every corner of my mind
She’s independent strong and caring
Driven, creative, organised and kind
Love of one need not remove the other
There’s no conflict between the two
But by playing with my mountain
I’m left wondering what she’ll do
See she’s built a life that’s happy
A weak and broken person, she is not
She doesn’t have to miss somebody
She is contented with her lot
To me, she’s absolutely amazing
Capable and so much fun
I’m relaxed when ever I see her
Even though we’ve just begun
In time I hope that she might love me
Without conditions but in her way
I’d like to make her tea and breakfast
Hold her each and every day
I’m attracted to her wholly
Feel in sync in all ways from the start
I have faith we can solve anything
Enjoy a life supported in every part
Time apart is required but painful
Hoping to see her when time has passed
With one love, thinking of the other
She from the first date to maybe be my last


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