Happy ever after

Twisting tales of love
Boy and girl embroiled
In quest, true and pure
In adventure, evil foiled

Where hearts are exposed
No soft fairy story exists
Lives at stake, battles fought
With so much at risk.

Fail and face a life
With a soul mate lost
Succeed and rapture find
Existence, joy reinforced

Understand your plot
Check the tale you are in
Disney cute or crooked dark,
Brooding from brothers Grimm

Be sure whatever you see
Go forth with blessed hope
Stay open of true heart
Two souls may yet elope

Let down your scaling hair
From your lonely tower high
Keep watch for kindred folk
The good twist for you is nigh

Over the horizon comes
Your knight in shining armour
Be bold, ready in yourself
Embrace the positive drama

Know who you are, be strong
Have learned what’s key for you
Happy ever after is there
But it depends on what you do


3 thoughts on “Happy ever after

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  1. This is beautiful! What we are attracts what we get. The more authentic we are and the more love we shine, the more love we will receive in exactly the composition that matches ourselves!

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