You know what life means

Gather the masses
Gather their souls
Tell them the truth
That there’s no golden goal

We all make our way
We all choose a path
With none of us certain
And with no turning back

Some they will stumble
Some they will fall
Some venture far
Some get nowhere at all

But we’re all on a journey
We travel each day
So pick out your target
The suns out, make hay

One day you will trip
One day you will fly
One day the path endless
The next miles rush by

Up ahead on the route
By the fork in the road
There’s a friend to find
To help share the load

Go on independent, or
Decide to hold hands
Enjoy shared moments
A change to your plans

Don’t feel so constrained
Don’t make no demands
Enjoy company in your life
Together, while you can

It may not last long
You may end up apart
But love with your all
Be glad from the start

Then when you’re alone
You will regret not a thing
Look back on your travels
You’ve gained everything

A heart full of loving
A mind still full of dreams
While others are vexed
You know what life means


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