Twisted Blood

Twisted blood flows
Through his irrational heart
Pushing then pulling
Swirling vortex inward
He sees beauty in faces
Meets to explore a soul
Then realises another
Is his focus, his goal
He’s not shaken attachments
He’s still fixed on a girl
That for moments fleeting
Was his entire world.
She helped him, and he her
They grew ever so close
She was the one
The person he loved the most
So what now? Decisions?
Try to move on?
Look for another?
Accept that she’s gone?
Feels like waste
A terrible shame
Why not go back
Try again.
Maybe she’d take him
Perhaps it would work out
This time would be different
But then there’s a doubt
What if it’s not
What if it’s the same
What if he is repeating
So don’t try again.
And so it goes back
And so it goes forth
Directions confused
No sense of true North
He’s spinning, he’s hurting
He is falling apart
Twisted blood flows
In his wavering heart


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