Empty Seat

A journey through life
Is best traveled with friends
But needs an observer
Who is there to the end
Someone to talk to
Someone who cares
Someone to hear you
Someone who shares
The highs and the lows
The good and the bad
A person who knows you
And the journey you’ve had
When young it’s a parent
Who watches you race
Who is there willing you on
With a smile on their face
There’s a time when it’s mates
Who have got your back
Who go out, onward, upward
And keep you on track
Then maybe a girlfriend
Then maybe a wife
Someone committed
To help build a life
At times this collapses
All history lost
A death, separation
A fall out, divorce
These times can be tough
With your audience gone
It’s a lot to adjust
At your table for one
In these time you remember
How it felt in the past
With your mum and dad
With mates having a blast
It all seems so distant
Joys that will never repeat
As you sit staring forlorn
At a cold empty seat
But these times can improve
All you need is a plan
And you’ll soon find yourself
Together, holding a hand
See the trick is be open
Don’t go hiding away
You walk past twenty new friends
On your journey each day
Just one of those people
On a day coming soon
Might come in and sit down
At the chair in your room


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