Love ABC

I’ve done it again
Jumped back to the start
Jumped back to the point
When my life fell apart
My pattern resumed
Like B, C follows A
Leads me to sorrow
Drains my joy away
My A is a longing
My B is falling in love
My pattern then pauses
And when seen from above
There’s happiness, belonging
A real sense of calm
Connection and comfort
“We will come to no harm”
Then a trial comes along
That gives rise to C
Where the person I’m with
Turns away, abandoning me
There is sometimes a conflict
Sometimes not even that
But it’s always so painful
Like I’m under attack.
I’m open to growing
Behaviours rearranged
If my pattern could alter
And my ending be changed
There’s hope, and I’m trying
I can break ABC
I will find my true love
And become ABD


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