She’s Hating Her Work

She’s hating her work
Life’s not turned out to plan
While you’ve done alright
About the best that you can
She’s unhappy and nervous
You’re in love with her heart
She says she loves you
Which is soon from your start
But then the demons come out
The worries appear
How can she be happy
With you oh so near
She’ll never match up
Or catch on your lead
So she makes you feel sad
States you’re full of greed
When you’re not, you’re just you
And you’ve worked every day
To get better, more successful
Until you did find a way
Because she is lost
Your success can’t mean fun
Doesn’t mean praise
or any sense that you’ve won
It’s an unfairness
You’ve gained over her and the rest
An indication of bias
Not a sign you did best
She’s jealous of your “kingdom”
Your security
Displaying her envy
A lack of maturity
So it’s ending, you can’t
Not because your love’s not true
But by denying your life
She can’t be in love with you

Together Down River

A day afloat
Creating happy waves
Aboard a narrowboat
And as the dull light fades
A cosy fire, warm room
She prepares to go out
We are leaving soon
A couple in no doubt
That here is harmony
Between these two
Without words many
Love is in what they do
Comfort in small gains
Talking so as to grow
Therapy airing old pains
Sharing so as to better know
Themselves and each other
Aware of attachment style
Their secure base uncovered
Together down river for a very long while

Time to Go

Time to go out
Like now not then
It’s time we were away
Should I say it again
To get there in time
Out the door we should be
I’d have left by now
If it were just up to me
Ten minutes she says
As she crosses the house
Then gets distracted
My common law spouse
She seems ready to leave
Then needs one more thing
It’s time to go out
But waiting for her is a win


He’s got people
To look out for
He’s got loves
Who furnish him with love
He’s got peace
In between the storms of life
He’s got everything
He needs to be happy

She has Superpowers

She’s hidden from view
Such that no one can see
The brilliance and light
That’s apparent to me
The world taught her to hide
She dons a daily disguise
To keep a lid on her fire
But I’ve looked into her eyes
Locked on so she can’t
Pass for one of the masses
She has superpowers, just look
Past her Clark Kent glasses
In spite of little support
And no one having belief
She’s developed and grown
Her own commander in chief
She’s marshalling her forces
She’s cresting the wave
She can and she will
This is her world to save

My Heart’s Yet to Rise

A morning of waking
But my heart’s yet to rise
My day can only start
When she opens her eyes
When the texts start to flow
And my mind is at ease
Knowing she’s safe
And has all that she needs

The Birgadier

A life well lived
Gentleman, brigadier
Buccaneer, cavalier
Whiskers white
Hair as if in flight
Stories from afar
Drinks at the bar
A smile or salute
Fortitude, resolute
Stands for all to see
Timeless chivalry
In military brigade
Of manners made

Feeling Christmassy

Are you hanging up your stockings
Are you decorating your tree
Are you worried about presents
Then you’ll be feeling Christmassy

Have you sent a million letters
Have you ordered a mega turkey
Have you plans to see your parents
Then you’ll be feeling Christmassy

When you gather around your parcels
Kids and adults, will all agree
After a night when Santa visits
You can’t help but feel Christmassy

When the dramas all unfolded
Gifts and tales exchanged lovingly
Look at the memories you’ve created
The warm glow of being Christmassy

I Choose Love

I love you
I know I can let you in
Allow you access to all of me
Have your thoughts and words
Percolate into my inner being
And still be safe
More than safe
You infuse me with energy
Confidence that I can
Belief that we will
In you I choose love
With you a better life


With trust comes happiness
If trust is rewarded with loyalty
Believe in those close to you
Invest love and respect in them
Communicate difficulties
Make good the poor patterns of the past
Hold hands intimately and give
Let go the learned behaviour
Forget distrust for the trusted
Accept that pain may follow
But to trust is to connect
Connecting leading to belonging
Community, family, love

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